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Know-how and Experience in
Quality Tools and Parts.

Founded in 1984, Cuncortave designs and manufactures all types of stamps and cutters. Posteriorly we added the manufacturing of all types of parts, through stamping and laser cutting.

We are characterized by the relationship of proximity and partnership with customers throughout the development process for effective product industrialization.
Every product is considered a new challenge.

Our company has an extensive experience, accumulated over all these years of work and constant research, put to work in order to solve all our clients' problems and guarantee the quality of the final products.

We are committed to accepting challenges!
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Throughout its 35 years of existence, we have gained vast experience in the design and manufacture of progressive tools, which allows us to offer our customers the best solution in the production of all types of parts, counting on a vast diversification of cutting and stamping machines.
Cuncortave enjoys a rich and modern machine park, which allows us to be at the forefront of all types of stamps and cutters. We have taken an active position in the market by providing our customers with all the solutions for new projects emerging in the everyday market.
We enjoy a machine park that allows the production of all types of pieces through Cutting, Stamping and Laser cutting/engraving.
We have a variety of machines for cutting and stamping, Guillotines, Bending machines, Unwinders, 2x 42T Presses, 2x 55T Presses, 120T Press, 150T Press, 400T Double Effect and Double Upstream.


Cuncortave noticias

From January 2019, Cuncortave has now two industrial units:
Unit I, Production of Stamps and Cutters.
Unit II, Production of Parts.

Cuncortave noticias

With pride and a sense of mission accomplished we received, in 2017, the distinction by the Municipality of Famalicão, with the Medal of Municipal Economic Merit.

Cuncortave noticias

We have renewed the PME Excellence Award status! Since 2011 we are also PME Leader. Between 2011 and 2016, and in 2018, we were also awarded with the PME Excellence award.

Product catalog

In this edition you can find a selection of stamps, cutters serial / cannon / rivet, manual and pneumatic, alignment squares, stainless steel mirrors and paters, large stamped parts, ventilation parts, miscellaneous parts, presses, etc.

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Brief history from
our company.

The origin of the company "Cuncortave", was in 1984, Founded by Mr. Manuel Santos, who named the company M.S.S. (Manuel Silva Santos), in the premises next to his residence, with about 100 m2.

In 1996 the company met its second facilities, in a pavilion with 350 m2.

In 1999, the company was renamed CUNCORTAVE - Fabrico de Cunhos e Cortantes Lda.

In 2002, it was upgraded to its current facilities, located in an industrial zone with about 1300 m2.

In 2019, a new expansion was made, with 2 industrial units available, industrial unit I, for Stamps and Cutters, with 1500 m2, and industrial unit II for the production of parts with 900 m2.

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